Waste Dumping

Tassal, Huon Aquaculture and Petuna are Australia's 3 biggest farmed salmon companies and make most of Australia's salmon. Their operations seek to install fish farm infrastructure across millions of square meters of public waterways in lutruwita/Tasmania. These aren't small family businesses, these are massive industrial operations. 

None of them collect their waste - they dump it in our oceans. At least 10.6 million kilograms of salmon poo a year is dumped on Tasmania's marine life and laws allow big salmon companies to kill 100% of marine life on the seafloor under their farms. With enormous expansions planned, this number looks set to get bigger and will put more pressure on our marine ecosystems. 

Sign our petition to help clean up this industry. Our petition will make a difference because it asks supermarkets - the big buyers of salmon in Australia - not to buy dirty stuff and to lift standards in their procurement policies.