Has your salmon been genetically altered?

Most people searching the internet for salmon recipes aren't thinking about whether an extra chromosome went into their salmon.

Farmed salmon from Tasmania have been altered using 'sex control technologies' to create all female fish. Some salmon have been genetically altered to carry an extra chromosome. These fish are called 'triploid' salmon. The industry alters them to delay sexual maturation, which allows them to grow the fish fatter before they harvest them. Typical malformations in salmon hatcheries include 'twin-heads' and spinal and jaw deformities. Triploid salmon suffer much higher rates of deformities, which is a major animal welfare concern. 


Lower jaw deformities like this affect a salmon's ability to swim and are a major animal welfare concern.

We're asking the industry to stop using triploid fish, and for supermarkets to label farmed salmon, so that people know what they are buying. Will you sign the petition?