Demand to know what’s

in the salmon you eat!

Donate to help us protect Tasmania’s incredible marine life and demand to know what's in the salmon you eat.

We have been working to keep the Tasmanian salmon industry accountable for over 8 years. Every year we expose scandals, work with scientists to find out what the industry should be doing, and now, we are telling the story of Tasmanian salmon to customers around Australia, so they hear both sides of the story.

Tassal, Huon and Petuna are the three big companies farming salmon in Tasmania’s oceans.
They are getting away without labelling their product as 'farmed' - so customers don't know what they are buying. 

And, they refuse to disclose;

  • Their levels of antibiotic use.
  • The amount of poo they dump on the ocean floor.
  • The impact of salmon pens on endangered marine species.
  • The amount of salmon that die before being harvested, from malformations and disease. 

Chip in to help us expose the unhealthy practices used in salmon farming and lobby the supermarkets to demand transparency from the salmon companies they stock.